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July 2012
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Sample Stitch Kimono

Educational Knit-a-long

SSK Back

This one-of-a-kind creation is customized by you while experiencing a variety of techniques for creating textural patterns.  Each strip is created with a different technique and then joined together to create a wearable piece of art - the Sample Stitch Kimono (SSK).

First offered in 2007, it was so popular, we are offering it again starting in 2012 with new material added in each lesson. Each technique will be explained in detail with several options for stitch patterns utilizing the technique.  Strips can be made in a variety of widths allowing each knitter to custom fit their kimono. I have seen several finished version from our first knit-a-long and since yarn selection, garment length, stitch pattern selection and placement are all left up to the knitter, each garment is completely unique.

Each month a new technique is explored along with other information. Below is the plan of the texture techniques as well as the additional skills covered in each month's handout.

  • January
    • Introduction to Project
    • Selecting Yarn
    • Taking Measurements
  • February
    • Knit/Purl Combinations
    • Working with Charts
    • Selvedge Stitches
  • March
    • Simple Lace Patterns
    • Yarn Overs
    • Various types of decreases
  • April
    • Slipped Stitches
    • Stitch Anatomy
    • Knitting in the opposite direction
  • May
    • Clustered Stitches - Pass Stitch Over
    • Blocking
    • Seaming - Beginning the Construction
  • June
    • Varied Stitch Counts
    • Increasing Multiple Stitches
    • Tracking Patterns with Variable Stitch Counts
  • July
    • Ribbed Patterns
    • Keeping Stitches Even (tension)
    • Working with Ribbed Fabric
  • August
    • Brioche Patterns
    • Knitting into the Stitch Below
    • Calculating Gauge on Difficult Fabrics
  • September
    • Creating a Stretched Stitch
    • Counting Rows
    • Consistancy of Fabric
  • October
    • Creating Elongated Stitches
    • Dropping Stitches
    • Using Blocking Wires
  • November
    • The Basics of Cables
    • Creating Twist Cables - No Cable Needle Required
    • Developing Your Own Cable Pattern
  • December
    • Creating Tucked Stitches
    • Building Bobbles
    • Adding Fringe
    • Assembling the Kimono
    • Adding Edgings

This project is about learning new techniques, having fun and exercising your own creativity. But you don't have to take our word for it -- read the comments from some of our participants from 2007:

"I definately give you a A++++ for the quality of the lessons, answering questions so promptly, and just always being there. I know for one, that if you ever do a project like this again, I will be signing up for it!" -- Cynthia

"I love the whole concept of this project.....the choices that I have to make the design mine, the concept of receiving it monthly and especially the interaction with the group via the digests. I think you're on to something Gwen. I'm barely started and already hoping there will be more projects with this format." -- Lois

Lessons will be presented in the standard Knitability booklet format of 5.5" x 8.5". The first lesson will be available on January 1, 2012. Lessons sent via e-mail in a PDF format which can be printed by the participant on standard 8.5" x 11" paper and folded into the booklet. In addition, an appropriate sized binder and sheet protectors will be sent to the participant to be used for storage of all the materials. KAL begins 2012, but you can join at any time through the year!

All participants will be invited to join our Ravelry group for questions and discussion.

$50 for 12 Monthly E-mails and Binder

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